Lollipop – A4. Double Sided. Heavy Duty. Portrait. UV Protection.

The double sided clip frame portrait UV Protection.

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2 to 4
6 to 10
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R0.00 excl.
R2245.00 excl.
R2120.00.00 excl.
R0.00 excl.
  • 1,365 meter height from floor to top of the frame.
  • Designed to dismantle flat pack for storage or transportation.
  • 25 mm x 1000 mm round steel column and a 300 mm x 300 mm x 10 mm square steel base.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Our aluminium clip frames has a snap frame profile, allowing quick and easy change of posters. Complete with a ‘Correx’ backing and a UHI Acrylic Overlays.
  • The base and column is powder coated.