A0 – UV Protected Snap Frame Sandwich Board “Double Sided” Large Profile Clip Frame

A0  UV Protected.  Sandwich Boards ‘A’ Frame. Professional and Stylish. Extremely Robust with a steel chassis for each frame with bullet hinges allowing flat closure for storage or transportation.

Quantity Unit Price
2 to 5
6 to 10
R3,295 excl.
R3,245 excl.
R3,185 excl.
R3,125 excl.
  • A0 Sandwich Boards with a total height of 1,4 meters, is a popular choice for Restaurant and shops such as Video Stores.
  • Meticulously finished with four plastic end caps for the bottom of the feet and a stainless steel braided cable to hold the two chassis at the perfect angle.
  • This sandwich board has a 43 mm width large profile Elite clip frame which holds the poster securely.
  • Our Aluminium Clip frames has a snap frame profile, allowing quick and easy change of posters.
  • The UV Protected ‘A’ Frame is complete with a Correx Backing and a UHI Acrylic Overlay in each frame.
  • The sub steel chassis is powder coated.