Clip Frames

Often also refereed to as click frames or snap frames, posters, photos and notices are easily and quickly inserted in the clip frames.  Clip frames can either be wall mounted, freestanding or hanging.


Lollipop Stands

These are free standing frames, either double or single sided in a variety of sizes. The can also be in portrait or landscape orientation. Another feature is the ability to swivel and tilt various models in the Menu Stand range.
Lollipop - A4 Single Sided


A-frames are often referred to Pavement signs or sandwich boards. These sign boards are available as single and double sided units, for indoor or outdoor use. Exterior frames have UV grade PVC sheeting to protect your posters.

Slide-in Frames

Available in plastic and steel profiles these are side load or top load frames. Can also be wall mounted, floor standing or hanging frames.

large slide in frame

Slide-in frame

LED Light Frame

Self illuminating frames with LED edge lighting. Similar in appearance to our standard silver snap frame but LED illumination is incorporated into the sides of the frame to provide a bright and even illumination.

Light Box

Display Stands

Supplied single-sided or double-sided click frames can be mounted on a selection of display stands;

  • H-stand
  • T-stand
  • Lollipop stand
Info Display board

Info Display Stand